The Arc Flash Calculator will calculate hazardous arc flash levels (incident energy). This calculator will analyze the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), safe working distance, and arc flash hazard zones for arc flash faults when working on or near energized equipment. This calculator is based on the IEEE 1584-2002 standard. Reference the 2015 NFPA 70E®: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® for a more complete reference for Arc Flash Hazard calculations and safety.

Arc Flash Calculator

Enter the information below to calculate arc flash incident energy and arc flash protection boundary.

Incident Energy (Cal/cm^2) : -

Flash Protection Boundary (mm) : -

Configuration - Select either a box (in switchgear or enclosure) or open-air configuration.

Maximum Available Fault Current - Enter the maximum bolted-fault current that the source can supply the circuit.

Source Voltage - Enter the source voltage. This calculator is designed for arc flash calculations for voltages under 15 kV.

Gap Between Conductors - Typical range for gap between current-carrying conductors is 13 - 152 mm.

Conductor - Choose the material used as a conductor in the wire. Common conductors are copper and aluminum.

System Grounding - Select system grounding method (either grounded or ungrounded/high-resistance grounded).

Protective Device Operating Time - Enter the maximum operating time of the upstream protective device in seconds.

Working Distance - Enter the working distance from energized equipment in mm.

Enclosure Type - Enter the enclosure type in which incident energy is calculated.

Note: This gives a simple representation of what's involved in arc flash calculations. Always consult with an engineer before doing more complex arc flash calculations. Reference the tables below for help with input values to this calculator.

Source: IEEE 1526-2002 Standard

Conditions for Which Calculator is Applicable

Parameter Applicable Range
System Voltage (kV) 0.208 to 15 kV
Frequencies (Hz) 50 or 60 Hz
Maximum Fault Current (kA) 0.7 to 106 kA
Gap Between Conductors (mm) 13 to 152 mm
Equipment Enclosure Type Open, Box, MCC, Panel, Switchgear, Enclosure
Grounding Type Ungrounded, Grounded, High-Resistance Grounded
Phases Three-Phase Faults

Refer to the Arc Flash Tables for Hazard Risk Category, and appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) based on arc flash incident energy levels.

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