These tables Hazard Risk Category, PPE requirements, and Flash Protection Boundaries based on arc flash incident energy levels. Reference the 2015 NFPA 70E¢ç: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace¢ç for a more complete reference for Arc Flash Hazard calculations and safety.

Hazard Risk Categories

Source: NFPA 70E, National Electrical Code
Hazard Risk Category Typical Protective Equipment Incident Energy (Cal/cm^2)
0 Nonmelting, non-flammable material 1.2
1 Fire resistant (FR) pant and shirt, or FR coverall 4
2 Cotton underwear plus FR shirt and FR pants 8
3 Cotton underwear plus FR shirt, FR pants with FR coveralls 25
4 Cotton underwear plus FR shirt, FR pants, and multi-layered flash suit 40

General Flash Protection Boundaries

Source: NFPA 70E, National Electrical Code
Arc Location System Voltage Flash Protection Boundary (feet)
Arc in Air 200 - 1,000 Volts 4
Arc in Enclosure 200 - 1,000 Volts 10
Arc in Enclosure Over 1,000 Volts 20

To calculate arc flash incident energy levels and Flash Protection Boundaries for your system, visit Arc Flash Calculator.

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